Instagram Inspiration

This weekend is American Thanksgiving, and our Instagram feeds are inundated with turkey. While we aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving, we are certainly keeping some of these recipes in mind for our own holiday season, which is just around the corner.

@spoonforkbacon are an American food stylist/photographer duo who come up with the most delectable-looking recipes for celebratory feasts – like this Korean corn cheese casserole.

We’ll definitely be circling back for some of their recipes in the coming weeks!

Rural Rhymes

Old Cures

In the days of yore before needles and pills

We had potions and lotions to cure our ills

We had charms and relics with miraculous powers

That came down the line through family dowers

We had cures for eczema and all kinds of itch

Made from berries and blooms that grew in a ditch

Sore throats were banished with a sock full of salt

Kidney problems were cured with a home brew of malt.

Your ringworm infection will soon be all gone

If touched by a seventh consecutive son

If a couple got married, of a similar name

Their offspring’s endowed with a cure they claim.

Now some of these cures were scientifically correct

While others were duds and had no effect

Herbal remedies were good when properly used

But in the wrong hands they can be abused.

– By Paddy Egan of Glenmore Kenagh, Co Longford.

Tweet of the Week

Ciara's Consumer Tip

Planning on buying your presents online this Black Friday? Did you know when you buy anything online, you have 14 days to get a refund on an item after it is delivered? This applies even if you bought the item in the sales. So when your package arrives, be sure to take it out of the packaging, inspect it to ensure its what you want and it’s not faulty. If you are shopping in-store, retailers do not have any legal obligation to offer you a refund as you can inspect the item in store. Although many offer a refund up to 28 days, it is worth checking their policy before you purchase.

Number of the Week

8,000 - The number of employers in Ireland engaged in the delivery of apprenticeship programmes.

Photo of the Week

If she's not blue, she won't do: Danny Clancy from Co Kilkenny helps out his daddy as much as possible on the farm. He has a little brother or sister arriving soon to train in. He's a busy little man!

Quote of the Week

From Irene Geoghegan on how the mica crisis is affecting their lives:

My grandfather often said, ‘It’s only a problem if money and time won’t fix it.’ God willing, we’ll have the time and we’ll find the money, but we shouldn’t have to do this