The Boortmalt harvest price currently stands at €436.09/t, 11 weeks into the price averaging system used to settle the harvest price.

The Free-On-Board (FOB) Creil Planet malting barley price, which is a French price, at the close of business each Wednesday from 14 April until 22 September is used to develop an average price which determines the harvest price.

Last week’s price closed at €435/t, down from €455/t the week before.

Many farmers have up to 40% of their barley price fixed at an average price of €260/t and the Irish Farmers Journal understands that this will be the price paid on the first 40% of their barley delivered.

Missed specifications

If they only deliver 60% of what they intended to deliver, because they missed the specifications, for example, they will only be paid the harvest price on the remaining 20% of their barley.