Dairylink Ireland adviser Aidan Cushnahan is urging programme participants to walk their grazing blocks to assess ground conditions and grass covers.

It has been a challenging start to the 2021 grazing season for most participants on the Dairylink Ireland programme.

Cold temperatures have hampered grass growth and high levels of rainfall, particularly at the end of last week, affected ground conditions.

But better weather has now arrived and forecasts of warmer temperatures with limited rainfall are being given for the coming days.

Supplies will change quickly

Grass supplies and ground conditions will change very quickly and programme farmers could soon find themselves with surplus grass that needs baling.

It is therefore essential that the grazing block is walked at least once a week, but ideally twice a week at this time of year.

“What you perceive is happening and what is actually happening on the ground may not be the same.

“Ask yourself is it possible to get cows out for a few hours during the day.

“Grazing for three or four hours can account for around 40% of a cow’s daily DM intake,” Aidan said.