Many feed merchants increased ration prices by €5/t to €10/t from 1 April. This is the latest in a series of ration price increases over the last six months and sees ration prices up €30/t to €40/t since the beginning of winter.

The latest price rise sees typical beef finishing rations trading at €280/t to €290/t, and 16% protein general purpose rations move to around €300/t.

Dairy rations are now costing from €295/t to €305/t for 14% and 15% rations, respectively, while ewe rations at 19% protein are trading between €315/t and €320/t.

Raw material market

Merchants are blaming what is being described as a difficult global raw material market.

The latest price rises come on the back of the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) lower than expected prospective plantings report for both maize and soya beans adding further short-term to the market.