Friesian bull calf prices rose by €15/head this week to an average of €62/head.

The ICBF calf price database is showing numbers of Friesian bulls starting to contract at this stage, which is likely helping the average price overall.

Also helping this is the fact that the majority of calves are now in the four-week-old bracket.

After dropping €25/head to €30/head last week, the trade for beef-sired calves steadied somewhat this week, although prices are still back €5/head to €7/head on average.

Three-week-old Angus heifers are now averaging €117/head, although there is a vast range within this figure. Stronger and better-quality calves are still making €160/head to €170/head in most cases. Angus bulls are back €5/head to an average of €170/head.

Hereford calves are maintaining their €15/head to €20/head price differential above the Angus calf, with three-week-old heifers and bulls averaging €148/head and €193/head this week, also back €5/head on last week.

Belgian Blue calf price increased this week, up €20/head, recovering some of last week’s losses. Bulls and heifers averaged €250/head and €238/head respectively.