One of the main targets for farmers participating in the Northern Ireland Sheep Programme (NISP) is to drive production in an efficient manner and achieve greater performance from grass-based systems.

Roy and Marilyn Mayers run a part-time sheep flock with help from their children, Ashley, Gavin and Tanya, in Tempo, Co Fermanagh.

Prior to joining the programme, the Mayers family were experimenting with improving performance from grazed forage through practices such as using electric fencing to improve grazing infrastructure and experimenting with alternative forages and an increased clover content in swards.

This focus has intensified since joining the programme and has been the catalyst for increasing ewe numbers and output per ewe.

The farm will feature in the programme’s sixth webinar event, which takes place on Thursday 6 May at 8pm.

Topics for discussion will include advice on setting up a paddock grazing system and how Roy and Marilyn have adapted and excelled in grass measuring and grass budgeting.

Some of Roy Mayers' 280 ewes plus lambs on strip grazing on his farm outside Tempo, Co. Fermanagh. \ Houston Green

May is a key month for grass, with management during this period key to productivity and animal performance.

The Mayers will share their experience and tips on setting up paddocks and temporarily dividing paddocks to enhance grass quality and utilisation.

There is growing interest in mixed species swards and alternative forages, and discussions will also touch on the farm’s experience of these.

Some of Roy and Marilyn Mayers's 280 ewes plus lambs on strip grazing on his farm outside Tempo, Co Fermanagh. \ Houston Green

The event will also include an update on performance in the CAFRE sheep flocks delivered by Dr Eileen McCloskey.

Farmers can register for the event at