Average global food prices were 23.1% higher in December 2021 when compared to prices 12 months previous, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has said.

The rise in the Food Price Index puts international food prices at their highest place in ten years, as the average price of food globally was 28.1% higher on average over the past year in comparison to 2020, according to the FAO.

Meat and dairy

The price of meat products grew 17.4% for global consumers between December 2020 and last month, having experienced a month of downward pressure on prices.

Sheep meat fell by the highest proportional value, as pig meat witnessed its sixth consecutive monthly price decrease.

Dairy products continued to increase in price in the last month of 2021, being the only food sub-index to do so.

Dairy finished the year 17.4% above the level it reached the year previous, as Europe and New Zealand’s supplies were down.


Cereal prices rose 27.2% on average year-on-year, with maize and wheat prices up 44.1% and 31.3% respectively over 2021.

These increases in cereal prices were fuelled by high global demand for limited supplies.

Rice was the only cereal to fall in price globally, as large quantities remained available over the year for export markets.