Factory agents and northern buyers are continuing to fight it out at the ringside to secure fit stock for slaughter.

This strong presence nationwide is leading to a continued increase in price for fed cows, steers and heifers.

Cull cows once again hit over €2,000 on occasion in marts across the country in the past week.

Overall, average cull cow prices rose by 9c/kg on the week to settle at an impressive €1.87/kg, according to Martbids data.

This March 2020-born Charolais heifer was champion on the day and weighed 655kg and sold for €1,730 (€2.64/kg).

This price is for cull cows of all breeds, but any younger, well-muscled, beef-sired cull cow is making much more than this.


If we look at the top third of lots sold, the average price rises to a massive €2.21/kg. However, prices of up to €2.66/kg were seen in the last seven days.

This was paid for an 826kg Belgian Blue cow that sold for €2,200.

Mart managers are reporting a significant increase this year in the number of fed steers and heifers heading to the mart instead of direct slaughter.

This increase in numbers has been met with a phenomenal demand, with heifer prices at an all-time high.

For the top third of heifers sold weighing in excess of 600kg, Martbids data shows that the average price stands at a massive €2.61/kg.

This means a better quality heifer weighing 700kg is on average making €1,827 in marts.

At a kill-out of 55%, the same heifer would need to make €4.75 as a base in factories to just break even with the marts.