There are currently 1,136 people in the wider agricultural sector in receipt of the pandemic unemployment payment (PUP), some of whom may work in other activities also, which include forestry, fishing, mining and quarrying.

This figure hit 7,192 in February 2021 when the number of people in receipt of the PUP in agriculture was at its peak.

Some 147 people are getting the €350 payment, 63 people are on €300, 614 people are on €250, 281 are on €208 and 31 people are on the lowest payment of €150. All funds are paid to recipients weekly.

Lower cohort

Fortunately, agriculture has one of the lower cohorts of people receiving the payment.

According to figures from the Department of Social Protection, the sector with the highest number in receipt of the PUP is people who work in accommodation and food service activities with 16,098, followed by wholesale and retail trade in second with 12,207.

In an overall sense, there are over 75,000 people in receipt a payment, of which 31,489 are female and 44,159 are male.

In terms of counties, Dublin naturally has the highest, with almost 27,000 recipients of the payment. Cork is second on the list, with just shy of 6,900 recipients.

Lastly, some 3,953 in agriculture have been medically certified for a receipt of the enhanced illness benefit.

All of the figures above are respective of 11 January 2022.