Thrive weekly roundup: clostridial booster and keeping calves healthy at grass
Declan Marren
This week's dairy beef programme roundup highlights the need for a booster clostridial vaccination and looks at how to keep calves healthy and thriving at pasture this summer.
Keeping dairy beef calves healthy at grass
A healthy calf is key to hitting growth targets over the first grazing season in dairy-beef systems.
31 May 2022 Management
Pneumonia alert in spring-born calves
Changeable weather has seen a rise in the number of farmers dealing with pneumonia problems in calves.
Thrive weekly roundup: weighing yearlings, sick calves and pneumonia warning
This week's dairy beef programme roundup has an update of the yearlings' performance on the demo farm, some issues with pink eye in calves and a pneumonia warning for calves recently turned out.
28 May 2022 Management
Thrive: dealing with pink eye in calves at grass
Since turnout to grass a number of calves have developed pink eye on the Thrive demo farm. Declan Marren outlines what it is and how to deal with it if it occurs on farm this summer.
Dairy Management: calf health and bull management
A look at how best to manage the introduction of bulls into the dairy herd after the period of AI is over
18 May 2022 Management
Watch: calf rearing update from Thrive demo farm
With all calves for 2022 now on farm, Declan Marren provides an update on calf rearing on the Thrive demonstration farm.
13 April 2022 Grass & feeding
Beef management: keeping on top of calf scour
Calf scour has become an issue on suckler farms as stocking densities in sheds increase due to changeable weather slowing turnout.
12 April 2022 Management
Thrive: 133 calves assembled on the demo farm
After a slow start to the purchasing season, calf numbers have started to move rapidly onto the Thrive demo farm over the last two weeks.
30 March 2022 Breeding & health
Dealing with scour and pneumonia in calves
Aidan Brennan has some practical advice for farmers dealing with sick calves this spring.
2 March 2022 Animal Health
Dairy Management: fertiliser supplies and sick calves
A look at the short term steps farmers can take if they can't access enough fertiliser.
2 March 2022 Management
Newborn calf protocol on Tullamore Farm
A look at what happens to new born calves on Tullamore Farm.
2 March 2022 Animal Health