Five-star ewes deliver €18 more net profit
Declan Marren
Darren Carty and Declan Marren outline some of the highlights from the Teagasc Athenry sheep open day, which took place last Saturday.
5 January 2022 Management
Beef Management: lice, slurry and keeping out-wintered animals healthy
Adam Woods takes a look at extra lice treatments, keeping out-wintered cattle healthy and with slurry spreading just around the corner, he has this year’s slurry spreading dates for each zone.
30 December 2021 Scotland
Don’t assume fluke risk with wetlands
Research by Mordun Institute shows that stocking wetlands does not automatically mean exposing livestock to an increased liver fluke burden.
Five tips for grazing forage brassica crops
Forage crops can reduce the cost of wintering cattle, but there are some things to remember from a management point of view.
29 December 2021 Management