Another steady week for calf prices saw Friesian bull calves averaging €69/head, up €4 on the previous seven days.

Over the last month, the average Friesian bull calf price has consistently hovered between €65 and €70/head.

Throughput of Friesian bull calves is back another 28% on the week as they make way for mostly Angus- and Hereford-sired calves.

Prices for these types also remain very strong for the first week of April.

Angus bulls and heifers at three weeks old are making €177/head and €199/head respectively, while Hereford calves the same age made €189/head and€212/head.

These prices are all up between €2 and €5/head on last week, but similar to a fortnight ago, indicating how steady demand is for calves this spring.

Small numbers of continental calves traded saw Limousin bulls back €5/head to an average of €237/head, while Belgian Blue bulls averaged €300/head, back just €3/head on the week.

Continental heifers continue to be highly sought after this year, with both Limousin and Belgian Blue heifers trading above bull calf prices.