Big changes on the horizon affecting trading of entitlements
Darren Carty
Changes in 2023 include an amnesty on the clawback of entitlements sold without land, the introduction of an active farmer rule for payment of entitlements and tighter restrictions around leasing.
2 March 2022 Schemes
Active farmer checks and stocking rate changes for eco schemes and ANC
Stocking rate checks to determine if a producer is deemed an active farmer will begin in 2022 and those at risk of failing the ‘active farmer check’ based on current farming activity will be contacted
26 January 2022 News
Over 20% of farms to miss out on new payment
A 10ha minimum claim size is proposed for a new area-based resilience measure in NI.
Calls for ‘tax holiday’ on entitlement sales
The farm body said capital gains tax at up to 33% was a major impediment to the transfer of CAP entitlements.
19 January 2022 News
Consultants raise concerns over 10ha minimum claim
The analysis by consultants from RPS warns that small farms will fall outside new farm sustainability standards.
19 January 2022 News
DAERA to take pressure off farm entitlements
In the current system, some farmers have to keep every last corner eligible to claim full payments.
5 January 2022 Opinion
Money Mentor: financial tips for farmers for 2022
Money Mentor Margaret Nolan provides a few financial tips for farmers for 2022.
2 January 2022 News