How can I overcome my needle phobia?
Ask Miriam
Dear Miriam, I've had a life-long fear of needles; how can I overcome it?
12 January 2022 Health
Salt: think about shaking the habit
Too much salt in our diet can lead to heart disease and more, and with Irish people consuming twice the recommended amount each day, we need to think about shaking this habit, writes Margaret Hawkins
14 April 2021 Amii
Do you access the full range of body and mind benefits of your health insurance?
There are tangible links between our mental and physical health. It can be hard to know which is leading and which is following. Taking proactive steps to protect both is a step in the right direction
Check in and check up
General check-ups can prevent problems down the line, so is it time to plan that health ‘NCT’ health check? Margaret Hawkins looks at the benefits of check-ups, the options and the costs.
12 August 2020 Health
How healthy are our farmers?
Remember the health checks held in the mart or co-op last year? Well, the overall results of this research are in and they provide plenty of fodder for thought – and for looking after your health better. Margaret Hawkins writes
24 June 2020 Health
New year, new goals, new perspective
A new year has arrived. Irish Country Living will continue in 2020 to look out for your health and portray the positive side of farming Amii McKeever writes
1 January 2020 Amii
Blood pressure rates are of ‘great concern’ - Croí
High blood pressure (BP) is the number one cause of premature death worldwide. A recent series of health checks show 74% of farmers have elevated BP levels. Mairead Lavery reports.
1 January 2020 Health
Two farmers told to seek medical attention after Croí heart check
Two farmers advised to seek immediate medical attention as over 80 farmers queue for blood pressure tests in Ennis Mart
4 December 2019 News
Heart failure: don't ignore the symptoms
Many people mistake symptoms like breathlessness and fatigue for lack of fitness, but they could mean you have heart failure, so schedule that check-up
6 November 2019 Health
Marching to her own beet
Anne Marie Feighery is bringing her family’s passion for vegetable growing to consumers in bottled form, and the whole clan are rowing in behind her beetroot juice to do so, writes Anne O’Donoghue
23 October 2019 Features
Health: clean hands get dirty
A new GP training module in the northeast HSE region, in association with the Irish Farmers Journal and the IFA, will include urban-born GPs visiting farms in order to better understand farming stresses and illnesses. Margaret Hawkins writes
18 September 2019 Health
Health: put yourself first
Margaret Hawkins reminds us about why we should be doing our own 'NCT' and hears about how having a cup of tea saved one farmer’s life
11 September 2019 Health