200 lots up for grabs at Bord na Móna auction
Peter Thomas Keaveney
Wilsons Auctions is set to manage an upcoming auction on May 14, consisting of over 200 lots of agricultural machinery from Bord na Móna’s Derrygreenagh site in Co Offaly.
25 April 2022 News
Climate action poses opportunities for midlands’ farmers - report
Farmers in the midlands could benefit from additional income sources provided by the closing of peat-fired power plants, the final progress report of the Just Transition Commissioner has found.
13 April 2022 News
Minister Hackett corrects Dáil record on peat
A Dáil comment by Minister Pippa Hackett on peat extraction and its later alteration have not yet provided clarity on the illegal extraction of peat.
ICL to take over at Bord na Móna
ICL is working with growers to help them reduce their reliance on horticultural peat and to deliver sustainable growing media solutions.
22 March 2022 News
Bord na Móna and its climate solutions
Bord na Móna has left the days of turf cutting long behind and now defines itself as a climate solutions company, notes The Dealer.
2 March 2022 Dealer
Bord na Móna to submit new planning application for Longford wind farm
Following a High Court ruling which overturned a previous decision to grant planning permission for the development, Bord na Móna is reviewing its proposals.
1 March 2022 News
Biomass on the menu in Edenderry
The feedstock for Bord na Móna’s Edenderry power plant be sourced from a broad range of lower-grade and residual forest products.
9 February 2022 News
Bord na Móna rewets area over 19,000 times the size of Croke Park
Many of those now employed in peatland rehabilitation previously worked in peat extraction and transport for use as a fossil fuel.
2 February 2022 News
Allow horticultural peat harvesting on sub-30ha plots - report
A report released by the Government has recommended that the use of peat as a medium for growing fruits and vegetables should be ceased by 2030.
17 January 2022 News
Solutions needed for horticultural sector ‘on its knees’
Horticultural peat and growing media producers say the lack of peat alternatives over the next four to five years could lead to the demise of the sector.
10 December 2021 News
Preferred route chosen for Galway to Athlone cycleway
An emerging preferred route corridor for the Galway to Athlone cycleway has been identified.
9 December 2021 News
In pictures: 300 lots on offer at Bord na Móna to auction Saturday
Wilson’s Auctions will host a large online dispersal sale on behalf of Bord na Móna this Saturday commencing at 10am. Over 300 lots, including 80 tractors, have been catalogued.
3 November 2021 News