Fairness in the food supply chain remains central to the CAP
The CAP has and will continue to serve the people of Europe in an evolving way to help meet the changing needs of society, writes European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski.
3 August 2022 Opinion
Reflections on our journey into the EU
Matt Dempsey reflects on Ireland's and farming's journey through membership of the EEC and EU.
2 August 2022 Opinion
A more balanced CAP needed for the future
Since our entry to the EEC in 1973, domestic agricultural policy has been almost entirely dominated by the CAP and the instruments available to achieve its objectives, writes Gerry Boyle.
Birth of the EU and evolution of CAP
Desire to avoid wars in Europe was a key political driver in creation of a common market and food scarcity was the background to developing a common agriculture policy
2 August 2022 EU
CAP, Brexit and the future
Having lived with the implications of the CAP all his life, John Bruton gives a view on its possible future challenges.
1 August 2022 EU
Northern Ireland: the route out of the CAP
Leaving the EU has given Northern Ireland a chance to shape its future support for agriculture but EU rules will continue to influence production.
31 July 2022 EU
Farmers lead on road to EEC membership
The farming and agribusiness community were a major force in advocating for EEC membership long before there was political support, writes Declan O’Brien.
31 July 2022 EU
Michael Dowling – a view from within
Michael Dowling talks to Andy Doyle about his long career with the Department of Agriculture and his involvement in various aspects of Common Agricultural Policy application throughout his career.
31 July 2022 EU
Six decades of agriculture commissioners
In this article, Barry Murphy looks back at the 14 agriculture commissioners who have guided European agriculture for the past six decades.
30 July 2022 EU
War will keep food security on the agenda
Food security has only occasionally been at the top of the political agenda in recent decades, but Tom Arnold believes that it will be slower to recede this time because of the complexity of war.
30 July 2022 Opinion
Expansion of the European Union
How the European Union grew over the decades.
30 July 2022 EU
A growing divergence between Irish, EU and global agriculture
Andy Doyle considers how the EU policy move to environment first and agriculture second will play out for the growing global population.
30 July 2022 EU