Climate Change Advisory Council critical of Government energy policy
Stephen Robb
The council supports the Government’s current carbon tax plans, including using the revenue generated to invest in sustainable agriculture.
9 March 2022 Editorial
Editorial: quotas are the easy and lazy option at the expense of young farmers
The IFA is right to be calling for a suspension of the dairy strategy group and the formation of a beef and sheep group.
23 February 2022 News
Methane emissions from energy sector underestimated by 70%
A report on global methane emissions from fossil fuels has found that almost every country has been under reporting the extent of methane’s emissions from the energy sector.
Farmers will cull cows if there are incentives – Teagasc
Teagasc’s Dr Kevin Hanrahan sees Irish farmers responding to what he described as implicit taxes, which he says will affect how and what they farm.
11 January 2022 News
Opportunity for farmers to have their say on carbon budgets
Farmers are encouraged to provide feedback on the carbon budget letter and report from the Climate Change Advisory Council.
22 December 2021 News
‘No-brainer’ to pay farmers to move land into forestry
A package of measures is needed that will really appeal to farmers and reward them for planting trees, Forest Industries Ireland has said.
10 December 2021 News
Cost of fertiliser might speed up delivery of agriculture's carbon targets
The Climate Change Advisory Council chair highlighted the role of Teagasc in supporting farmers through a just transition.
8 December 2021 News
Department has created bureaucratic mess - Forest Industries Ireland
A proper afforestation programme is what’s needed to boost tree numbers, according to FII's Mark McAuley, who said the Climate Action Plan announced on Thursday was aspirational.
4 November 2021 News
Emissions cut of 22% to 30% confirmed for farming by 2030
Over 60 actions were announced for the agriculture sector to cut emissions by 2030 under the Climate Action Plan.
4 November 2021 News
Farm leaders have their say on the CCAC and KPMG reports
A week on, with a chance to digest the CCAC report, and the KPMG report commissioned by the Irish Farmers Journal, what do the various farm leaders make of where we are?
3 November 2021 News
Open letter to the Climate Change Advisory Council
‘Depressed country towns are already a problem and if the cattle herd is reduced it will be completely devastating’ – Samantha J Parsons.
3 November 2021 Letters
U-turn by the climate council on biogenic methane
Professor Gerry Boyle is the former director of Teagasc and ex officio member of the Climate Change Advisory Council.
3 November 2021 Opinion