Climate and environment
Emissions trends in agriculture and land use ‘not promising’
Noel Bardon
An increasing dairy herd and a higher-emitting sheep sector rose agricultural emissions in 2021.
10 August 2022 Viewpoints
Professors push back on carbon ceilings
While everyone welcomed the intention of the Government to create a ceiling, it is clear farmers are not clear on what will happen next.
Climate targets only amount to 43% reduction overall, not 51% – CCAC
The Climate Change Advisory Council has claimed that the emissions reductions announced on Thursday only amount to a reduction of 43% rather than the intended 51%.
Proposed targets for a reduction in agricultural emissions
"Reducing agricultural emissions is a very complex issue" - Gerard Doherty, Glenmore, Co Kilkenny.
27 July 2022 Letters
What emissions reduction targets mean for Irish agriculture
KPMG economic impact assessment shows Irish agriculture can achieve an 18% reduction in emissions but further cuts will carry a huge cost.
27 July 2022 News
Adapting to climate change in Ireland 'overshadowed' by mitigation
The climate of the future is set to get much worse with more frequent and extreme heatwaves, flooding and coastal surges, the Climate Change Advisory Council has said.
20 July 2022 News
Farming’s emissions target could get green light next Wednesday - Ryan
Minister Eamon Ryan did not make any indication of where on the 22% to 30% scale that the target will fall.
Billions of euro at stake in carbon emission ceilings negotiations
As Government nears agreement on the sectoral emissions ceilings, Anne Finnegan, policy analyst, examines the potential implications for farming.
15 June 2022 News
Climate Change Advisory Council critical of Government energy policy
The council supports the Government’s current carbon tax plans, including using the revenue generated to invest in sustainable agriculture.
19 April 2022 News