We can’t reach climate goals without addressing water conservation
Janine Kennedy
Is water conservation important in a place like Ireland? Janine Kennedy speaks with representatives of An Fóram Uisce regarding its latest research on domestic water use.
26 January 2022 Consumer
Climate Conversations: grant aid to make your home more energy-efficient
In the last instalment of the Climate Conversations series, Anne O’Donoghue looks at grant aid available to retrofit homes to make them more energy efficient.
12 January 2022 Features
Climate Conversations: taking action on household food waste
One of the goals in the government’s Climate Action Plan 2021 is to reduce food waste by 50%. But where does the average citizen begin to make an impact?
A surreal welcome home this Christmas
For those returning from abroad that left pre-COVID, Ireland must seem a changed place. Despite the pandemic, for Amii McKeever an airport family collection made Christmas 2021 special.
5 January 2022 Amii