Fairness in the food supply chain remains central to the CAP
The CAP has and will continue to serve the people of Europe in an evolving way to help meet the changing needs of society, writes European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski.
30 July 2022 News
7.5% organic land target should be ‘relatively easy’ - Hackett
Rachel Donovan sat down with Minister of State Pippa Hackett at Biofach in Germany this week to discuss the future of organic farming.
30 July 2022 EU
Six decades of agriculture commissioners
In this article, Barry Murphy looks back at the 14 agriculture commissioners who have guided European agriculture for the past six decades.
The first major CAP reform
Phelim O'Neill speaks to Ray MacSharry, the commissioner who introduced direct payments to farmers instead of market supports.
27 July 2022 EU
Fifty years of Irish commissioners in Europe
This article remembers the 11 Irish European Commissioners who have served us to date and their influence on European policies over the last half century.
27 July 2022 EU
Approval of new CAP plan can't afford to wait – Minister
A quick tidying up of any outstanding issues in the CAP strategic plan would allow the plan to be resubmitted for approval by the end of the month, Minister McConalogue has said.
18 July 2022 EU
Dutch teenage farmer shot at while protesting
Farmers in the Netherlands described how a teenager participating in a tractor blockade was shot at and say they don’t believe a mediator appointed by the Dutch Government will be neutral.
9 July 2022 News
Sustainable farming can improve food security - Ciolos
The Commissioner who oversaw the 2013 CAP reform has said policymakers’ focus remain on measures that are a win for both farmers and the environment when responding to Ukraine.
6 July 2022 EU
Opportunity in CAP’s midterm review - Fischler
Former European Commissioner for Agriculture Franz Fischler joined IFA president Tim Cullinan, and others, for a panel discussion at the Irish Farmers Journal Future of Europe conference on Friday.
29 June 2022 News
Green MEPs pushing for Mercosur deal changes to benefit farmers
Ireland’s two Green Party MEPs have cited environmental concerns relating to beef imported from less environmentally friendly countries as a reason to change the terms of Mercosur.
24 June 2022 News
EU pesticide law to hit tillage yields - IFA
The IFA has accused the European Commission of mixed messaging on the production of cereals.
23 June 2022 News
Ireland's CAP plan an 'outlier' on installation aid
Young farmers have not faired well in Ireland's CAP strategic plan relative to the plans submitted by other EU member states.
15 June 2022 News