German agri-food sector braced for profound transformation
Jack Kennedy
Comments by German Agriculture Minister last week point to significant transformation ahead for the sector. Anne Finnegan, policy analyst, and Jack Kennedy analyse the changes.
22 December 2021 News
Views sought on new NI farm policy
The public consultation on new farm policy proposals is open for eight weeks. David Wright reports
21 December 2021 News
NI utilising freedom to set new farm policy
Outside of the EU, there is greater scope for Northern Ireland to set policies directly relevant to its farmers.
Where is the CAP debate 10 days on?
The IFA has been the most vocal critic of the minister’s proposals, and has dominated recent mart meetings with him. The association has now announced what it wants.
30 October 2021 Opinion
Coupled payments and eco schemes to the fore in Tipperary
Pat McCormack of the ICMSA, Dermot Kelleher of the ICSA and John Keane of Macra all joined the IFA protest at Thurles Mart on Friday last.
27 October 2021 News
Sharpest exchanges between McCormack and Kelleher
The presidents of the ICMSA and the ICSA disagreed on coupled payments and dairy beef.
29 September 2021 News
Germany’s CAP strategic plan examined
Germany, the third-largest CAP recipient, introduces coupled payments for grazing while sticking with front-loading.
15 September 2021 News
In depth: CAP modelling and coupled payments
We examine the impact of a coupled payment for sucklers in the next CAP.
4 September 2021 News
CAP modelling: how would a coupled payment work?
We examine the impact of a coupled payment for sucklers in the next CAP.
1 September 2021 News
Has the new CAP forgotten the need for food production?
The new CAP seems to assume farmers will produce food no matter what, but that may not prove to be the case.
4 August 2021 Dealer
‘EU has closed door on commercial farming’ – Golden
Adam Woods sat down with IFA livestock chair Brendan Golden on his farm in Mayo this week to talk about his IFA role, CAP reform and the future of full-time beef farming.
30 June 2021 News
IFA members gather at farm centre to demand change in CAP policy
While the IFA held an official protest in Dublin against the Climate Action Bill, another group of members demanded a change in the association’s CAP policy at IFA headquarters.
16 June 2021 News