€2.8m fruit and veg scheme opened
Noel Bardon
Payments will be made to eligible high-wire crop, mushroom, field vegetable and apple growers.
1 June 2022 News
Commission's lump sum 'short changing farmers' - IFA
The support announced last week from the Commission in a bid to help farmers with the inputs crisis isn't introducing any additional funding from EU, IFA says.
9 May 2022 News
Yara calls on EU to use ‘crisis reserve’ to ensure fertiliser supply
Yara is calling on the EU and member states to ensure the supply of natural gas.
IFA writes to Minister seeking mobilisation of clawed-back BEAM funds
The IFA called on Minister McConalogue to use the €18m in clawed back BEAM funds and the crisis reserve pot to finance beef farmer payments.
29 April 2022 News
Up to €70,000 per pig farmer for cutting production
A €16m pig sector package will see farmers cutting stock numbers, should they wish to claim payment under the scheme.
13 April 2022 News
New pig package to deliver up to €70,000 per farmer
The Minister for Agriculture is bringing a pig and horticulture support package to cabinet for approval this Wednesday.
13 April 2022 Pigs
MEPs vote for food security impact assessment of EU Green Deal
MEPs also rejected calls to cut livestock numbers to cut down on the demand for land and grain.
28 March 2022 News
War in Ukraine causes the EU rethink
EU commission respond to the political leadership given and produce a range of measures that are a first step towards recognising that food security cannot be assumed.
24 March 2022 News
EU switches on to the need for food security
While the plan to increase tillage output grabs the headlines, an integrated support mechanism for Irish agriculture is essential to maximise output with minimal environmental impact.
23 March 2022 News
Commissioner ‘not adverse’ to fodder and feed scheme proposals – MEP
The Commissioner for Agriculture indicated to Colm Markey MEP an openness to hearing possible solutions to the challenges posed to maintaining food and feed production in the EU.
17 March 2022 News
Food security group proposes side-lining green ambitions to feed the EU
‘Serious’ concerns on the availability of grains have been expressed by stakeholders at the first meeting of the new European food security group, the IFA president has said.
9 March 2022 News