Results of study on green waste due by end of November
Siobhán Walsh
Farmers will no longer be allowed to burn bushes on their land from 1 January 2023 onwards. A derogation previously granted has not been renewed.
16 November 2022 News
Ban on burning bushes in 2023
Farmers will not be able to burn green waste including bushes or tree trimmings from 1 January 2023.
31 October 2022 News
Turf: Online advertising and retail sales banned from today
The change bans turf sales from retail premises, as well as the advertising of turf.
Funding the Government’s €2bn biomethane ambition
The Government’s 2030 target of 150-200 operational anaerobic digestion plants by 2030 will require a lot more State investment than the €3m allocated in Budget 2023.
Farmers gain access to energy support scheme
Farmers will be allowed draw down funds to compensate for high electricity and gas prices.
28 September 2022 News
Biomethane, biomass and LNG among options to increase energy security
Many options are on the table to increase Ireland's energy security.
19 September 2022 News
Land use review nears second stage
Farm organisations have yet to be afforded the opportunity to weigh in on the impact of land use change on farmers.
10 August 2022 News
More stringent measures likely if 25% emissions target is missed
The Irish Farmers Journal asked Ministers Eamon Ryan and Charlie McConalogue about the consequences of a failure by the agriculture sector to meet its emissions ceiling.
Emissions ‘profile’, not herd size, the main concern
Minister Charlie McConalogue said a cut in the national herd will not be necessary to reduce emissions from the farm sector by 25%.
Farm measures to be voluntary but still no plan
The ag-climatise roadmap will be updated from "this autumn", spelling out what farmers must do to remain compliant with legally binding emissions reduction targets, the minister has said.
Emissions reduction measures to be voluntary for farmers
Farmers will not face compulsory emissions reduction measures, recent commentary from Government ministers has suggested.
28 July 2022 News
Sinn Féin does not have the data to decide emissions figure - TD
Matt Carthy TD stated that Sinn Féin cannot give a figure it wants to see chosen in the 22% to 30% reduction range, given that Government emissions data has not been made available.
20 July 2022 News