Dempsey at Large: the reality behind agriculture and the environment
Matt Dempsey
The use to which much of our land, especially in the disadvantaged areas, should be put has also to come into the reckoning.
10 November 2021 Schemes
ANC scheme: eligible land and payment rates for 2023-2027
Details for the Areas of Natural Constraints (ANC) scheme in the next CAP have been seen by the Irish Farmers Journal.
15 September 2021 News
Department to apologise for ANC cuts
Adam Woods has the latest on the BEAM scheme saga and news that the Department of Agriculture has moved to apply cuts to ANC and TAMS payments to claw back BEAM money.
Similar format for Areas Facing Natural Constraints (ANC)
Eligible areas will be based on the land designation undertaken in 2019, with land falling in to one of four payment categories.
4 August 2021 Schemes
ANC payment ruled out by Lyons
Agriculture Minister Gordon Lyons has ruled out reintroducing the Areas of Natural Constraint scheme in Northern Ireland.
24 February 2021 News
Forgotten farmers to seek meeting with Minister
Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue fielded a number of questions from farmers in Donegal about their exclusion from farm supports.
17 February 2021 Schemes
Government must make good on any CAP reduction - ICMSA
The ICMSA president has said farming families will take a hit under the new CAP budget and is calling on the Government to make up for any reductions.
21 July 2020 News
What the Department plans to target in the next CAP
In draft documents seen by the Irish Farmers Journal, the Department of Agriculture has set out what it believes the next CAP should focus on.
8 July 2020 Schemes
BPS preliminary check notifications now issuing
The preliminary checks identify obvious errors and allow farmers to rectify them without receiving any penalties.
10 June 2020 Schemes
Farm Finance: deadline of 31 May for BPS amendments
Any amendments made after 31 May regarding the addition of parcels or plots or amendments to claimed areas will be subject to penalties.
20 May 2020 Schemes
UFU welcomes vote to reintroduce ANC payments
UFU deputy president David Brown said that it is vital that SDA farmers get the support they require to sustain their farming business.
5 March 2020 News
DUP and Sinn Féin at odds on BPS
A public consultation on moving Basic Payment entitlements in NI to the regional flat rate in 2020 and 2021 closed in September 2019.
25 December 2019 News