Irish Horse
Irish sweep RDS prizes including the Aga Khan
Michael Slavin
In a special extended column, Michael Slavin celebrates a glorious week for Irish riders and Irish horses at the Dublin Horse Show
24 August 2022 Amii
Nutrition? Forget it. When you’re out, you’re out!
At events, should there be more options that a burger and chips or a “healthy” meat alternative [sic]. More to point, if there was, would anyone buy them? Ask Amii McKeever
24 August 2022 News
Dublin Horse Show 2022 photo round-up
Huge crowds enjoyed world-class horses of every discipline as we welcomed back the RDS Dublin Horse Show in all its splendour.
Amateur dramatics: the road to the RDS Dublin Horse Show
Egle Zakaraite learned to ride bareback on plough horses in her native Lithuania; now she’s qualified for the notoriously competitive amateur class at the Dublin Horse Show.
10 August 2022 CL-IFJHome
RDS’s Richest Dublin Horse Show
Times change and costs change but the wonder of the Dublin Horse Show remains.
27 July 2022 Showing