UK-US trade deal always a non-runner
Phelim O'Neill
Current US trade policy is protectionist, making a trade deal with the UK virtually impossible irrespective of Brexit or other political considerations.
8 July 2022 News
Brexit consequences slip under the radar
Scrutiny of UK trade policy points to less value being secured commercially than through a close relationship with the EU.
29 June 2022 News
Fischler sees room for CAP improvement
Former EU Agriculture Commissioner shares his thoughts on how the CAP could be improved with a midterm review.
Dublin’s loss is Belfast’s gain
Belfast harbour results show growth of business as supply chains adjust to Brexit controls.
23 June 2022 News
Time for Brexit common sense to prevail
The UK and EU have to accept that trade in Northern Ireland has to be blended and cannot be either pure Brexit or pure EU border controls.
17 June 2022 News
Inform your decision on gene editing at Cork event
UCC will host an event where farmers, consumers and researchers can come together to discuss new genomic techniques ahead of submitting to the EU consultation on the matter.
5 June 2022 News
Brexit hasn’t gone away
While speculation continues about further UK border control deferral, the Department of Agriculture is preparing for their introduction from the beginning of July.
15 April 2022 News