Remote sensing company Proveye secures €1m in seed funding
Amy Forde
Proveye is used by agricultural advisors, fertiliser and pesticide suppliers and food processors to provide information about productivity and sustainability on agricultural land to farmers.
10 January 2023 News
Enterprise Ireland firms see 'strong' climate and agri tech employment growth
More than two-thirds of the jobs created by Enterprise Ireland client firms in 2022 were based outside of Dublin.
21 December 2022 News
Listen: ‘Scandinavia is worth up to €7m to Irish agri engineering'
Peter Thomas Keaveney caught up with James Maloney from Enterprise Ireland and Paul Quinn from Mastek at the Agromek Show in Denmark, the main agricultural exhibition in the Nordic region.
Flying the Irish flag in Denmark
Nine Irish manufacturers showcased their kit alongside manufacturers from around the world at Agromek in Denmark, the main stage for the Nordic region. Peter Thomas Keaveney attended.
14 December 2022 Farm machinery
Editorial: with food commodities, is there more to value now than just euros?
Value is the perceived worth in money of a set of benefits received in exchange for the price paid. But is the dial on what these benefits are assessed on changing, asks Amii McKeever?
7 December 2022 Amii
Listen: the machine that’s halfway between a rake and a tedder
Gary Abbott recently spoke to Michael Clarke, who has created a dual-purpose rake and tedder.
27 November 2022 News
Vermouth - a unique product on Valentia Island
Valentia Island Vermouth is more than a unique spirit - its story is deeply entangled in the lives of its co-founders, Orla and Anna Snook-O'Carroll.
23 November 2022 News
Agtech industry thriving despite uncertain times
The agtech industry continues to find innovative solutions to deal with the challenges facing the agricultural sector, writes Enterprise Ireland’s James Maloney.
16 November 2022 News
Making silos smarter with technology
In the final instalment of our innovation series, Stephen Robb talks to Barry and Eileen Finnegan of LvLogics about their innovative new silo monitoring system.
16 November 2022 Feature
Precision mineral delivery with Terra Nutritech
In week four of our innovation series, Stephen Robb talks to Padraig Hennessy, CEO of Terra Nutritech, about the development of his business and the future plans for the company.
9 November 2022 News
Milk vending made easy with Unison
In week three of our innovation series supported by Enterprise Ireland, Stephen Robb talks to Unison Process Solutions about its new Smart Microdairy unit.
2 November 2022 News
Dovea Genetics exports semen to Brazil
Adam Woods reports on an Irish first where Dovea Genetics has exported Aberdeen Angus semen to Brazil.
2 November 2022 News