Grants of up to €20,000 for farmers affected by Leitrim landslide
Amy Forde
Support will also be provided for fencing and gateways on agricultural land affected by the landslide.
21 November 2022 News
All options must be considered to overcome fertiliser crisis - Minister
A meeting of EU agriculture ministers will see the fertiliser crisis and the European Commission’s proposals to rewet farmed peatlands topping the agenda.
Developing an AD biomethane industry from scratch
The mood was generally upbeat at this year’s Irish Biomethane Conference which took place in Dublin last week, writes Stephen Robb.
Renewed calls for wolf introduction to cull deer
Wildlife enthusiasts and politicians in Donegal have come into conflict over the idea of releasing wolves to control deer populations.
12 November 2022 News
Europe seeks greater emissions reduction from land use and forestry
A provisional EU agreement has laid out policy for calculating carbon removed and omitted by land and forestry as well as mechanisms to hold member states to account for failing to meet targets.
11 November 2022 News
Scheme to certify farmers’ carbon sequestration near finalisation
The European Commission aims to provide a framework to member states through which they can quantify and certify the carbon sequestered on farms.
7 November 2022 News
Farmers to be paid over €1,100/ha to plant native trees
The Irish Farmers Journal can reveal the payments farmers will receive for planting trees as part of the next national forestry programme.
3 November 2022 Forestry
European Commission told Ireland to use EU funds to boost energy security
The Government were urged to avail of EU funds to expand public investment in the green transition and energy security as far back as May.
2 November 2022 News
Chinese sheepmeat imports running over 70,000t lower in 2022
The sharp decline in import volumes which were recorded at just over 250,000t is linked to ongoing COVID-19-related restrictions and reduced forecasts for economic growth.
31 October 2022 Markets
Sucklers vital to rural Ireland’s ‘economic wellbeing’ - INHFA
The Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association says there are no realistic alternatives to suckler farming in many parts of the country.
27 October 2022 News
Ireland's gas use increases as prices plummet
Figures from the European Commission show that Ireland is the only EU country to increase gas consumption so far in 2022 .
26 October 2022 News
Carbon farming will be ‘crucial’ to future of Irish farming
The minister recently convened a Carbon Farming Working Group to gain a deeper understanding of relevant issues.