CAP effects ‘not significant’ on animal welfare – EU study
Noel Bardon
Outdoor production systems favour animal welfare and allow animals to express their natural behaviours, a European Commission study has found.
16 May 2022 News
Livestock measures could be added to proposed eco scheme – Markey
It was initally thought that eco-scheme options that benefit animal performance and the environment would not be approved by the Commission, but 'flexibility' has been shown by Brussels, Markey said.
13 May 2022 News
Watch: Ukrainian grain lorries waiting up to 30 days at borders
The European Commission has launched an action plan to create “solidarity lanes” for the movement of goods in and out of Ukraine.
Citizens propose more plant-based diets and less 'mass production' on farms
The introduction of a system of penalties for farming's impact on the environment was also recommended.
13 May 2022 News
Ireland ahead of farm advisory curve - EU evaluation
The evaluation recommended that the administrative burden of delivering farm advice be reduced across the EU to ensure funds allocated to farm advice are fully utilised.
9 May 2022 News
Agriculture sector going through ‘challenging times’ - Taoiseach
Taoiseach Micheál Martin commented on how resilient the farming sector has been during the pandemic.
7 May 2022 News
Weekly podcast: €1,000 to make silage, Teagasc suckler U-turn and stolen calves
Detail of a new €55m scheme to help farmers make hay and silage, Teagasc’s U-turn on stocking rate advice for suckler farmers, stolen calves, the CAP plan and problems for young farmers all feature.
5 May 2022 News
Editorial: EU cannot follow UK trade policy
The longer term reality is that the UK market will be progressively opening to Australia and New Zealand from later this year or early 2023.
4 May 2022 Editorial
State aid supports essential for farms in green transition – advisory group
State aid to the agricultural, rural and forestry sectors should be simplified to improve Europe’s climate credentials, the European Committee of the Regions has said.
2 May 2022 News
Carbon farming must address biodiversity too – EU organics group
Carbon farming projects should seek to achieve objectives beyond simply sequestering carbon, according to IFOAM Organics Europe.
2 May 2022 News
Department defends draft CAP plan
The European Commission was told that direct payment redistribution is a complex balancing act and that further details will be provided on the environmental aspects of the proposed schemes.
28 April 2022 News
China imports 15,000t more sheepmeat in January and February 2022
Demand for sheepmeat in China continues on a sharp upward trend, with imports increasing by almost 50,000t in 2021 and recorded at almost 450,000t.
23 April 2022 Markets