Recommendation to end use of farrowing crates on pig farms
Barry Murphy
An opinion paper from the European Food Safety Authority could be used by the European Commission to inform pig welfare legislation.
6 August 2022 News
Agri tech start-up CropBiome secures €1.3m investment
A UCD-based agri tech start-up is developing cost effective seed dressings to enable tillage farmers to reduce fertiliser use and improve crop resilience.
New EU fertiliser regulations on organic products
Plant bio-stimulants will fall under these regulations and as a result may be subject to more scrutiny and will need to carry the CE mark to be sold in the single market.
Ireland's CAP plan coming close to completion
Farmers should know the details of next year’s new schemes just after the summer.
27 June 2022 News
Gene editing ‘latest tool in the toolbox’ for tillage farmers
A European plant-breeding expert has warned that crop gene editing will be needed to counteract tillage output decreases created by the EU’s Farm to Fork strategy.
23 June 2022 News
EU over one quarter of way to 2030 pesticide reduction target
The EU has reduced pesticide usage by 14% since the baseline Farm to Fork period.
17 June 2022 News
Editorial: has the EU woken up to farmers as food producers?
European Commissioner tells the IFA that food security now needs to be treated like defence and energy security stating that “without food nothing is possible”.
1 June 2022 Editorial
EU does not intend to reduce livestock farming – Commissioner
European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski joined a meeting of the IFA national council in Dublin on Monday.
30 May 2022 News
It's time to grasp the GM nettle
With inputs increasingly scarce and expensive, it's time to revisit the ban on the production of genetically modified crops
25 May 2022 Dealer
Russia turning wheat into a weapon of war
A new environmental budget should be established outside of the CAP to reward farmers for delivering environmental dividends.
18 May 2022 Editorial
Consumers need to know that EU farmers are 'already sustainable' - Wojciechowski
The European Commissioner for Agriculture has warned that EU citizens need to be informed on how sustainable their farmers already are.
3 May 2022 News
Macron has work to do in EU as well as France
President Macron has been one of the EU leaders that demonstrated an understanding of the threat of war in Ukraine to food security.
27 April 2022 Editorial