Q&A: slurry and fertiliser webinar
Aidan Brennan
The following is a list of the questions asked and answers from the slurry and fertiliser webinar with Siobhán Walsh, Adam Woods, Aidan Brennan and special guest Mark Plunkett from Teagasc.
16 February 2022 Crops
Increase soil carbon levels on tillage soils
Increasing soil carbon levels on tillage farms is key to tackling emission in the sector
15 January 2022 Management
Five tips to get the most from early slurry
With the slurry spreading season opening up, outlined are five tips to get the most out of an early spring application and reduce the need for chemical nitrogen.
Beef Management: lice, slurry and keeping out-wintered animals healthy
Adam Woods takes a look at extra lice treatments, keeping out-wintered cattle healthy and with slurry spreading just around the corner, he has this year’s slurry spreading dates for each zone.
5 January 2022 Management
Nettles wanted from farms
The Corncrake Life project is looking for nettles growing on farms in Donegal, Mayo and Galway.
5 January 2022 Dealer