Parents encouraged to vaccinate their children against flu
Katie Barragry
The winter flu season has arrived and the Irish Government is asking parents to vaccinate their children.
24 January 2018 Maurice
Throes of a medieval plague
The flu has fallen on Kildicken. Such is the affliction in the area that one would almost need to mark the doors where the flu has struck, as they did in the Middle Ages, writes Maurice Hickey
22 March 2017 Health
Beware of the signs of shingles
Shingles can cause severe pain and blistering along the pathway of a nerve. Margaret Hawkins talks to a consultant neurologist about the illness, the treatment available, and the myths.
Industry lockdown over bird flu
A 30-day prevention zone is in place across the NI poultry industry as bird flu strikes in Britain.
28 December 2016 News
HealthBytes - round-up of all the latest health news
Want to know how quickly you can become addicted to over-the-counter codeine products? Why blood donors are no longer having fingers pricked?
4 November 2015 Health
Maurice Hickey: Killdicken's ailments and ointments
Half the population of Killdicken is thrown down with colds, flus, coughs and sore throats. There was hardly anyone at mass on Sunday, writes Maurice Hickey
8 April 2015 Maurice
Backchat-Beat those colds and flus
Burning the midnight oil throughout the party season can result in many of us picking up colds and flus.
17 December 2014 Around the country
Beating sinusitis this winter
Sinusitis can mean a lot of pain and discomfort in your face and head. What over-the-counter treatments can help? Margaret Hawkins has some advice.
5 November 2014 Health
Dairy management: your health
You're taking good care of your livestock, but are you looking after your own health? Remember to eat well and get the flu jab before the spring madness begins.
30 November -0001 Management
Fighting the flu
Flu season is just around the corner and it's always a good idea to be prepared.
30 November -0001 Blog