Environment has played ‘second fiddle’ to production over the last 50 years
Barry Murphy
The Oireachtas committee on agriculture heard from a dairy farmer who was scathing of dairy expansion, as the environment came under the microscope on Tuesday.
3 August 2021 News
'Ambitious' Food Vision 2030 strategy welcomed by ICOS
ICOS has extended a welcome to the approval of the Department's Food Vision 2030.
3 August 2021 News
Impact assessment needed for Food Vision 2030 and new CAP – Cullinan
The IFA president has urged Minister McConalogue to carry out an impact assessment of the new Food Vision 2030.
Next agri food strategy to open to public consultation
After public consultation, the strategy will be finalised and will be the blueprint for Irish agriculture and the food industry for the remainder of this decade.
31 March 2021 News
Work on agri-food strategy to continue despite NGO departure
Walk out by NGOs reflects difficulty for strategy group in meeting the conflicting expectations of all its members,
26 February 2021 Opinion
Strategy nearly there
Next strategy for Irish agri food almost ready for consultation following Brexit delay
17 February 2021
Brexit preparations top agenda at Food Wise 2025 committee meeting
Minister McConalogue has urged all businesses which have not yet prepared for Brexit changes to engage with the supports and the advice that is available.
11 December 2020 News
Agriculture faces ‘irreversible damage’ to green reputation – EPA
The environmental watchdog’s seventh State of the Environment report cautions that ‘business as usual’ will not reverse negative trends driven by agriculture.
25 November 2020 News
Watch: farm incomes and environment to the fore in new agri-food strategy
Tom Arnold, chair of the committee that is preparing the 2030 agriculture strategy, says it will be based on economic, environmental and social sustainability.
4 November 2020 News
Farming's 2030 strategy to focus on sustainability
Draft 2030 strategy and environmental impact assessment expected to be ready for public consultation by the end of the month.
4 November 2020 News
Brexit and COVID-19 top agenda at Food Wise 2025 committee meeting
The latest meeting of the HLIC also included an update on the new agri food strategy to 2030.
18 September 2020 News
Department launches consultation on Agri-Food Strategy 2030
The 2030 Strategy builds on its predecessor programmes, Food Harvest 2020 and, most recently, Food Wise 2025.
20 August 2020 News