‘Alarming level of inaction’ on dog control
Barry Murphy
Farm organisations and rural stakeholders have made several submissions to the Department of Rural and Community Development to improve the control of dogs.
11 May 2022 News
Farmers in ‘vulnerable’ position on public access to lands – INHFA
An INHFA survey has shown that there is an undercurrent of thuggish behaviour in public access of farm and hill lands, according to association vice president Pheilim Molloy.
27 April 2022 News
Farmers must be reimbursed for burden of designations - INHFA
According to the INHFA, over 30,000 farmers are impacted by land designations.
Forage budget package needed for drystock farmers - INHFA
The hill group has said that urgent measures are needed to protect the cattle and sheep trade.
14 April 2022 News
Extensive farmers should not be subject to finger pointing – INHFA
The Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association (INHFA) has responded to criticism by farmers in the southeast, who say the new CAP is supporting extensive rather than productive farming.
1 April 2022 News
IFA calls for ‘immediate’ direct supports for beef and sheep farmers
The IFA has warned that disruptions to the supply of finished cattle and lambs into the market may arise if farmers have to carry increased costs of production.
11 March 2022 News
Allow grain production in GLAS measures and on State-owned land - INHFA
The hill farmers group has called for actions to be taken to address the costs of producing food.
8 March 2022 News
INHFA demands baseline payment for designations
A baseline payment would lessen the burden for farmers operating on natura 2000 land designations.
4 March 2022 News
259-acre west Cork farm for lease
A 259-acre farm available for lease near Dunmanway has attracted strong interest, including from outside the county bounds.
17 February 2022 News
‘Clear discrimination’ against farmers on designated land
The INHFA has requested a meeting with the NPWS to try and resolve the issue which centres around TAMS and sheep fencing.
16 February 2022 News
Extend controlled gorse burning into March to reduce wildfires - IFA
The IFA national hill chair has sought an extension to the deadline after which the controlled burning of gorse is banned.
15 February 2022 News
Grant all farmers access to new co-operative agri-environmental scheme – INHFA
The INHFA has made calls for all farmers to be granted access to the higher payment co-operative stream of the new CAP’s agri-environmental scheme.
15 February 2022 News