Watch: top of €4,200 at Elphin Mart special in-calf sale
Darren Carty
There was strong attendance at Friday evening’s sale for an entry of 48 in-calf heifers, all with continental breeding.
13 September 2017 Pedigree
Hereford society offers agricultural bursaries
Five €1,000 agricultural bursaries and the launch of the society’s 2017 National Calf Show are the main highlights at the Hereford stand this year. Shane Murphy reports.
6 September 2017 Breeding & health
Tullamore Farm fertility issues
Adam Woods takes a look at disappointing scanning results from Tullamore Farm and what decisions need to be taken in the coming weeks.
Carlisle May sale tops at 16,000gns
A top price of 16,000gns was achieved in the Angus ring at Carlisle over the weekend, while the Shorthorn breed set two new centre records.
31 May 2017 Pedigree
Tullamore Farm breeding – what's the plan?
Tullamore Farm commenced the 2017 breeding season on 1 May. Adam Woods details what lies behind the breeding decisions already made on the farm and what else is involved in the breeding plan.
31 May 2017 Tullamore Farm
Listen: focus on the Jalex Herd
Peter Thomas Keaveney speaks to James Alexander about his successful commercial and pedigree herd.
22 February 2017 Podcast
Lively suckler sale with good clearance
There was plenty of activity around the suckler ring in Newport for in-calf sucklers. Jack Kennedy reports.
28 December 2016 Markets
Five top tips on managing herd health
Managing herd health is not all about vaccines and antibiotics. Simple things like grouping animals properly inside and feeding animals well are equally important.
18 December 2016 News
Blelack walk away with over 800,000gns
The dispersal of the Angus portion of the Blelack herd was met with flying trade where as money was harder got in the Charolais ring aside from a few stand outs.
19 October 2016 Pedigree
Cows sell for £2,000 at dairy herd dispersal sale
There was a good trade at the dispersal sale of RJM and ME Dunlop's dairy herd last week. Peter McCann reports.
1 June 2016 News
In-calf cows to £1,555 at suckler sale
Most lots met a brisk trade at the dispersal sale of the suckler herd of Peter Jordan at Clogher Mart, Co Tyrone, last Thursday evening.
17 February 2016 News
Corrie in-calf heifer sale peaks at £2,500 per head
Peter McCann reports from two recent sales in NI of in-calf suckler replacement heifers
20 January 2016 News