Climate Conversations: grant aid to make your home more energy-efficient
Anne O'Donoghue
In the last instalment of the Climate Conversations series, Anne O’Donoghue looks at grant aid available to retrofit homes to make them more energy efficient.
19 January 2022 Features
The cost of a family home retrofit is as individual as the family itself
Home energy retrofits, prescribed by the Climate Action Plan will predominantly be paid for by home owners. Amii McKeever spoke to David Flannery, senior adviser with Electric Ireland Superhomes.
24 November 2021 Features
Between climate guilt and energy bills a retrofit could being peace of mind
Emissions from our homes must reduce to between 3.5-4.5 Mt CO2eq by 2030. Retrofitting will be key to achieving this. Amii McKeever speaks with Electric Ireland Superhomes about what this means.
Counting sheep, eating sheep, wearing sheep and saving sheep – so much value
Sheep have been in the media for all the right reasons of late. You know, coming back from the dead and playing their part in saving the world.
30 June 2021 Amii
Timber boiler replaces oil in large Co Kerry home
Peter Varley looks at a how a large-scale timber boiler made a conventional oil burner redundant in a Co Kerry home.
16 September 2015 Buildings
Ten Top Tips for Home Insulation
Whether its a big job or a small change, there is plenty you can do to insulate your home better and keep energy levels lower this winter.
10 September 2014 Consumer
Smart farming can tackle rising input costs
LARGE cost savings and efficiency gains for farm families were outlined at this week’s Smart Farming seminar held in Portlaoise and organised by IFA.
6 November 2013 News
Save money by insulating
We all like value for money. Rising oil and heating costs mean that good insulation is just that — value for money.
Insulating your walls requires good care
Many older farm homes were built with solid walls constructed with stone or — later — mass concrete, with no insulation.
Check attic insulation
Recently, I went up into the roof space of a modern farmhouse to have a look at the insulation.