Maurice Hickey: Thank the Beast for that
Maurice Hickey
Operation Transformation ended last week and while Maurice Hickey lost a few pounds, it nearly killed him
28 February 2018 Maurice
Maurice Hickey: Half-truths and tasty tarts
Finding himself as an Operation Transformation ‘leader’ has Maurice Hickey wondering if it’s really worth all the hardship and bother.
7 February 2018 Maurice
Minus craic January
At this time of year everyone is on a diet, not drinking, exercising or using other ways to torture themselves, writes Maurice Hickey
Throes of a medieval plague
The flu has fallen on Kildicken. Such is the affliction in the area that one would almost need to mark the doors where the flu has struck, as they did in the Middle Ages, writes Maurice Hickey
24 January 2018 Maurice
Queuing is a fact of life nowadays
Whether it's for a cup of tea, to post a letter or to buy some bread, these days you won't get anything done without first standing in a queue. And that is the sad fact of life, writes Maurice Hickey
10 January 2018 Maurice
Operation restoration and post-Christmas blues
The minute the festive season is over, we all turn to talk of cutting back, health binges, diets and marathons. This is putting Maurice Hickey in a bad mood already
27 December 2017 Maurice
Maurice Hickey: Late retirement
As Maurice Hickey begins to plan his glorious retirement from the Council, his dreams are thrown off course
13 December 2017 Maurice
Released from mothering duties
With Maurice busy catching up on his college work, The Mother finds herself free to do what she likes for a change.
26 July 2017 Maurice
The Whip comes back a changed man
After a so-called sun holiday, Whip Carey has suddenly found religion, writes Maurice Hickey.
14 June 2017 Maurice
Briars, nettles and unrequited love – getting out of a prickly situation
I thought I’d side-stepped the unwanted advances of a certain Ms Matilda Green with a trip to the Kingdom, but more cunning a woman I’ve never met, writes Maurice Hickey.
19 October 2016 Maurice
Someone please rescue me quick
I’m still attracting the unwanted attentions of one Ms Matilda Green. I’ll be driven completely out of my mind if someone or something doesn’t rescue me from her, writes Maurice Hickey.
5 October 2016 Maurice
Coming to terms with a fatal attraction
I’m attracting the unwanted attentions of a certain lady who avails of every opportunity to meet me, writes Maurice Hickey.
21 September 2016 Maurice