Farmers would ‘be mad not to look’ into organic farming
Amy Forde
Fran Morrin of the Department of Agriculture said that he couldn’t imagine that there wouldn’t be support for organic farming going beyond 2027.
10 August 2022 Community
Minister O’Donovan must act to prevent Shannon flooding – IFA
A delegation from IFA recently visited some of the Shannon Callows and called on the Government to implement proper management around water levels on the river.
3 August 2022 News
IFA and Macra clash on National Reserve funding as applications double
A linear reduction of approximately 0.6% to all payment entitlements in 2022 will be imposed by the Department of Agriculture to meet the increased National Reserve demand.
IFA takes aim at entitlement cut to fund 2022 national reserve
A linear reduction of approximately 0.6% on payment entitlements has been imposed to fund increased applications to the national reserve.
2 August 2022 News