Tillage area increases by over 6% in 2022
Siobhán Walsh
The increase in area was no doubt helped by the Tillage Incentive Scheme launched in March of this year.
9 May 2022 News
Protein-Cereal Mix Crop Aid Scheme to pay €150/ha
A minimum payment rate of €300/ha will still be paid for protein crops, such as beans.
13 April 2022 News
Peas and beans back on the tillage scheme menu
The Tillage Incentive Scheme stipulation around not having extra protein crops has been removed.
Finer details of tillage crop package to be finalised
The National Fodder and Food Security Committee met for the second time on 22 March. The new €12m proposal to increase the area planted to tillage crops was announced that morning.
22 March 2022 News
Up to €400/ha for tillage farmers to grow more crops
A package of measures worth €12m to support tillage farmers and the planting of crops will go before the cabinet this Tuesday.
22 March 2022 News
Preventing bean stem nematode infestation
Farmers planting beans or peas should be aware of the bean stem nematode. Certified seed is tested for this pest.
2 March 2022 Crops
NI farmers opting to buy BPS entitlements
Some uncertainty in the BPS entitlement market in NI still remains, particularly around the value of entitlements in the future.
2 March 2022 News
€265/t price offer from Dairygold
Dairygold has set a minimum price for beans and continues to promote home-grown protein.
2 February 2022 News
France and Austria call for European protein strategy
France and Austria call on the EU to develop a European protein strategy following the development of national plant-based protein strategies.
12 January 2022 News
Positive outlook for protein
New varieties and higher budget to help protein, but the protein payment is expected to be under pressure in 2022.
12 January 2022 News
Two new spring bean varieties make the cut for 2022
New variety Victus may be more attractive for inclusion in animal feeds, as it is low in ant-nutritional compounds vicine and covicine.
7 January 2022 News
New strategic plan to drive protein crop production
The launch of a new strategy report for protein crops targets considerably increased production of native protein.
15 December 2021 Crops