Cheap Irish Houses: a housing alternative
Sophie Finn
What began as the only solution to find a home due to being unable to afford a house in Wexford has turned into a passion for Maggie Molloy, who has helped many Irish people find their own cheap home.
17 February 2021 Features
Listen: hammers up for Wexford property
Auctioneer Jim Kinsella discusses the property market and outlook for 2021 with Katriona Kinsella, and also shares advice for buying and selling properties.
12 August 2020 Consumer
Consumer: sign on the dotted line
While first-time buyers may be worried about their mortgage prospects, there are some good news stories to share, writes Janine Kennedy
The business of reinvention
In conversation with Janine Kennedy, Glenisk managing director Vincent Cleary talks trading through a recession, growing a business you believe in and the joy of giving back.
20 May 2020 News
'Every teacher in the country would love to be back at school' - Mary Magner
The new president of INTO, Mary Magner, is proud of the work put in by teachers to help children stay learning throughout the COVID-19 emergency. She speaks to Odile Evans from her home farm in Cork
6 May 2020 Careers
Country Sound: the show will go on
With a lot of events cancelled over the coming weeks due to COVID-19, Michael Commins takes a look at how it is affecting the country music scene
18 March 2020 Features
'Just the two of us and an idea'
When Konrad Szeterlak and Monika Grabowska decided to start growing vegetables, they hadn’t many tools at their disposal, but three years later they’re taking shops by storm, writes Anne O’Donoghue
29 January 2020 Features
It takes a village: ahead of the posse in Craanford, Co Wexford
How do you get 150 school children across a busy country road every day? Build an underpass - that’s how, writes Margaret Hawkins as she visits Craanford in Co Wexford for It Takes A Village
3 July 2019 Features
A sprinkle of self-belief at Daisy Bakes
Self-belief proved to be an essential ingredient for mother-of-five Sinead Morris when it came to setting up her own business, Daisy Bakes, writes Maria Moynihan
5 December 2018 Features
Turkey time at Maperath Farm this Christmas
They might have started on a wing and a prayer but Eoin Sharkey and Olivia Duff are flying high this Christmas with their Maperath Farm free-range turkeys and geese, writes Maria Moynihan.
20 December 2017 Features
How the bubble burst
Agricultural land values increased steadily throughout the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s making the spike of 2006 look complete out of place. Shirley Busteed reports.
8 March 2017 Land Report 2016
Damien's Diary - Call me boring but I just don’t do birthdays.
I celebrated my 42nd birthday recently. When I say celebrated, I mean the day came and went like any other as I am not one for celebrating birthdays. Call me boring but I just don’t do birthdays.
6 May 2015