Sexed semen lab opens in Kildare
Noel Bardon
The lab has been set up in the National Cattle Breeding Centre facility in Naas, Co Kildare.
9 November 2022 Breeding & health
Myth busting 24-month calving in beef heifers
Teagasc is hosting several farm walks throughout the country to help drive suckler farmers to calve heifers at 24 months for economic and environmental benefits.
5 November 2022 News
Calving heifers at 36 months ‘leaves behind’ €250/ha – Teagasc
Calving heifers at 24 rather than 36 months also reduces emissions from the suckler herd by 12%, said head of Teagasc knowledge transfer Pearse Kelly.
Flying trade for Corrie's leading ladies and Jalex heifers
In-calf heifers from the Jalex Herd and Corrie's leading ladies sales were in high demand at special sales.
26 October 2022 Northern Ireland
Getting a handle on housing weights for cattle
As more cattle are housed, weighing stores and weanlings will give a good insight as to offload now or winter animals on farm.
18 October 2022 Management
Prioritise replacement heifers for winter feeding
Maiden heifers that will be retained for breeding should be managed separately from store animals to drive weight gain and hit target weights at breeding time.
5 October 2022 Management
Farmer Writes: minding concentrates, concentrates the mind
With an increase in ration prices over the year, Tommy Moyles is looking at where he can make savings without compromising on animal performance.
21 September 2022 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: scanning and health and safety inspection
Grass growth is still on a go slow as rain has largely by passed Tommy Moyles farm and the warm weather saw the second day of scanning postponed.
24 August 2022 Farmer Writes
Newford update: Scanning reveals 9% empty rate in cows
Next year’s calving season looks set to be condensed into a six or seven week period with 75% of cows and in-calf heifers holding to first service and 23% to second service.
21 August 2022 Newford Farm
Way Out West: Making the most of it in Mayo
Off-farm employment is nothing new in drystock enterprises, but north Mayo suckler farmer J.P Leonard has a few extra irons in the fire.
10 August 2022 Management
Doing business on the county bounds
The Carroll family farm is situated in a high rainfall area, but they are making the most of the resources they have.
27 July 2022 Milk quality
Jalex in-calf heifers sell to £8,100
A timed auction of in-calf heifers from the Jalex herd saw animals peaking at £8,100.
27 July 2022 Northern Ireland