Measures proposed in new agri-environment scheme
Darren Carty
The list of proposed measures major on enhancing soil vegetation cover, capturing carbon, reducing the risk of fires in upland areas and enhancing water quality.
23 November 2021 Schemes
Over 3,500ha of land targeted under new machair project
The entire machair habitat in the EU, post-Brexit, is now located in Ireland and a new scheme is looking at conserving the habitat in Donegal, Mayo and Galway.
10 October 2021 News
Farmers getting higher payments for better habitats in results-based schemes
The idea around results-based payments is simply that higher agricultural payments accrue to higher quality habitats on the ground.
Farmers believe results-based pearl mussel payments are ‘fair and accurate’
Farmers in the results-based Pearl Mussel Project took part in a survey on scheme, with a number of questions in relation to payments and the scheme posed.
7 April 2021 News