This week in photos: fieldwork, feeding and moving
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Our top photos from the past week include a reseeded field getting sprayed, pedigree Hereford cattle moved from a field that will be used for silage, Rooster seed potatoes being planted and more.
27 April 2022 Northern Ireland
NI ration prices up again for May
Feed merchants indicate that ration prices will rise again in May, as the cost of grains and proteins continues to increase.
23 March 2022 News
‘War premium’ of €100/t on some feed
A south Wexford farmer confirmed that he had been charged €400/t by Glanbia for rolled barley this week.
NI feed prices up another £10/t
The rise in grain prices has seen NI livestock rations increasing by £10 for December.
1 December 2021 Northern Ireland
Is feeding oats instead of barley an option in finishing diets?
Recent trial work at Teagasc Grange compared feeding rolled barley with rolled oats to finishing bullocks.
21 November 2021 Grass & feeding
Spot barley price crosses £250/t
Spot markets for grain have seen barley crossing the £250/t mark although maize meal is holding steady.
10 November 2021 Northern Ireland
Is barley a better bet than compound rations this winter?
With rising feed costs, is feeding barley as the only form of supplementary feed an option for cattle this winter?
27 October 2021 Winter Feed
Difficult to find value in current grain markets
Declan Marren takes a look at some options for winter feeding but in current markets finding value is proving difficult.
27 October 2021 Grass & feeding
Feed prices hold for September
Livestock rations in NI are mostly unchanged for September, but merchants are indicating further cost increases are on the way for the winter
1 September 2021 Northern Ireland
Feed prices forecast to rise again in May
Growing demand for a limited supply of maize is fuelling further rises in the feed trade within NI.
14 April 2021 Northern Ireland
Feed prices stabilise after recent surge
Prices for livestock feed have stabilised during February after significant increases last month
10 February 2021 Northern Ireland
Feed prices up £10/t for December
Prices for compound animal feed in NI have been moving up steadily since the start of autumn.
2 December 2020 Northern Ireland