Spring liver fluke treatment options
Darren Carty
With the mild weather in late 2021 some farmers have delayed treatment for liver fluke with some issues starting to emerge in places.
15 December 2021 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: bovine public relations campaign gets under way
While dosing, it dawned on me that cattle that are easier to handle are going to be essential in the future on Irish farms.
Top tips for parasite control at housing
Natascha Meunier, beef health check programme manager in Animal Health Ireland, outlines some key advice for managing parasites when housing animals this winter.
Informing and improving animal health in Ireland
Martin Blake, chief veterinary officer, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine discusses Animal Health Awareness Week which takes place from 18 to 24 November.
17 November 2021 News
Unnecessary worm control treatments still cropping up
Some needless treatments are via some producers not realising healthy mature sheep do not need worm control treatment with others stemming from combination products being used.
6 October 2021 Markets
Farmer Writes: BEEP dung sampling frustration
Despite the intentions of the BEEP faecal sampling requirement, farmers are left with little faith in the process, writes James Strain.
30 November 2020 Farmer Writes
Advisory forecasts warn of high liver fluke risk
AFBI and the Department of Agriculture are warning farmers to take necessary precautions to protect sheep in light of a dangerously high risk of liver fluke infection.
25 November 2020 Breeding & health
Fluke issues in Leitrim and Donegal
This week, Natasha Meunier from Animal Health Ireland takes a look at liver fluke control strategies and where farmers should start with a dosing plan.
11 November 2020 News
Beef HealthCheck: interpreting faecal egg test results
An Animal Health Ireland video series looks at common health issues on beef farms around housing time.
11 November 2020 Management
Liver fluke treatment: an in-depth analysis of available products
Selecting an inappropriate product can leave sheep exposed and risk significant levels of mortality in areas which traditionally face a high challenge.
24 October 2020 Breeding & health
Sheep management: liver fluke, clean livestock policy and scannig early lambers
Maximum use should be made of all sources of information in determing liver fluke burdens including following up on the health status of sheep presented for slaughter.
14 October 2020 Management
Beef management: fluke dosing, feeding byproducts and closing paddocks
This week, Adam Woods takes a look at fluke dosing, closing paddocks and feeding by products.
30 September 2020 Management