Sheep Management: guarding against disease entry with a good quarantine protocol
Darren Carty
A closed flock policy provides the best protection, but for times when animals must be purchased then the risk can be reduced with an extensive quarantine protocol.
20 July 2022 Tullamore Farm
Tullamore Farm: sheep performance recording and slaughter performance
The phrase knowledge is power certainly rings true when it comes to monitoring performance and importantly identifying where improvements can be made.
20 July 2022 Sheep breeding
Important period for sheep breeding decisions
The sharp increase in fertiliser and concentrate costs in recent months should focus your attention regarding if your chosen lambing date is the most suitable for your flock.
Breeding event on Ireland’s largest Easycare sheep farm
Ballycoose Farm, run by Campbell and Isobel Tweed in Ballygally, Co Antrim is home to a flock of 3,000 wool shedding Easycare ewes.
20 July 2022 Sheep breeding
NI Sheep Programme: weather holds up silage plans in Fermanagh
This week, Roy and Marilyn Mayers give an update on what's happening on their Co Fermanagh farm. Kieran Mailey reports.
Sheep Management: cobalt supplementation, selecting replacements and event dates
Research has shown little benefit from supplementing ewes with cobalt but there is marked performance benefits to be attained from supplementing lambs.
29 June 2022 Management
Five-star ewes deliver €18 more net profit
As well as delivering higher net profit, flocks rated five stars on the Sheep Ireland €uro-Star indices produced 7% lower greenhouse gas emissions per unit of output compared with one-star animals.
18 June 2022 News
NI Sheep Programme: drafting spring lambs under way
Co Tyrone sheep farmer Mark Davidson has started drafting this year's lamb crop for slaughter. Kieran Mailey reports.
Making the final call on maiden heifers for breeding
Replacement heifers should have a minimum target liveweight to meet before the breeding season starts. This improves conception rates and reduces issues at calving time.
10 May 2022 Management
Sheep management: peak lambing activity, selecting replacements and hygiene
With a relatively positive forecast, flocks which are lambing should take every opportunity to get animals turned out to reduce workload, pressure on housing and enhance hygiene standards.
15 March 2022 Management