New tagging rules for imported sheep
Darren Carty
Sheep imported to Irish flocks must retain the tag numbers applied to them in their country of origin and can no longer be retagged.
11 May 2022 Management
Sheep Management: drafting lambs, grassland management and CT scanning
Lamb performance has improved in recent weeks on the back of increased grass supplies and higher temperatures and producers need to be mindful to draft lambs regularly.
24 November 2021 Management
Sheep management: liver fluke, drafting lambs and important webinars
Farmers in the west and northwest should be vigilant of a high threat of liver fluke following the release of the Department of Agriculture's Liver Fluke Forecast.
Tullow set for inaugural Slick Chix Charollais sale
The new sale will offer breeders a choice of 40 in-lamb ewes and 10 ewe lambs.
10 November 2021 Pedigree
Sheep breeding off to a good start on Tullamore Farm
Ewes have just completed their first breeding cycle with all ewes served and rams switched between single-sire mating groups.
3 November 2021
Stars galore at Belclare in-lamb hogget ewe sale
In the region of 50 ewe hoggets will go under the hammer in Tullamore Mart on Saturday 30 October in what is described as a commercially focused sale of pedigree sheep.
25 October 2021 News
Performance recorded Cheviot sheep ready to hit the ring
The Donegal Wicklow Cheviot Sheep Breeders group made the pioneering step in 2020 of performance recording their sheep with Sheep Ireland, a move which will deliver major benefits.
29 September 2021 Markets
Two break €2,000 at Beltex premier
Buyers and sellers were present from right across Ireland, resulting in high clearance rates across all sections.
25 August 2021 Pedigree
Teagasc records first commercial ewe methane measurements
Teagasc has taken its first methane emission measurements from a commercial sheep flock using a portable measurement chamber.
24 August 2021 News
Catalogue released for Sheep Ireland elite €uro-Star multi-breed ram sale
There are 427 rams entered in Ireland’s largest ram sale, which takes place on Saturday 28 August in Cilin Hill Mart, Kilkenny.
20 August 2021 News
Largest ovine breeding programme in Ireland approved
The South of Ireland branch of the Suffolk Sheep society have got their official breeding programme approval ahead of their premier sale next month.
21 July 2021 Pedigree
Purchasing genomically tested rams now a reality
So far this year, over 2,000 ram lambs have been genomically tested, so finding a ram lamb that has been done should not be a problem using, reports the Sheep Ireland team.
21 July 2021 Sheep breeding