VAT exemption needed for low-emission slurry spreading equipment – ICSA
Barry Murphy
The price of LESS equipment has escalated dramatically and the grant is not enough to make the slurry tanker affordable, says the ICSA.
16 February 2022 Scotland
Scottish farmers still in the dark on payments
Farmers were left disappointed about the lack of update on the future of farm support from the Rural Affairs Minister at the NFUS conference.
2 February 2022 News
Growing grass still the cheapest option
Planning ahead for spring fertiliser was the subject of two webinars organised by AgiSearch, CAFRE and AFBI. Kieran Mailey and David Wright report.
Five tips to get the most from early slurry
With the slurry spreading season opening up, outlined are five tips to get the most out of an early spring application and reduce the need for chemical nitrogen.
15 January 2022 Management
DAERA to enforce splash plate ban
It is estimated that 1,100 farms in Northern Ireland are affected by the new rule, but it is up to individual farmers to work out if it applies to them.
12 January 2022 News