Farmer Writes: 30% of the fodder target in the yard
Tommy Moyles
After passing the halfway point in the open season for spreading fertiliser, I’ve never spread so little, writes Tommy Moyles.
6 April 2022 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: TB clear and dealing with schemes
A clear TB test led to shed clearing on Tommy Moyles's farm last week and not all schemes are straightforward, as he has been discovering.
12 February 2022 News
Map: almost 900 Cork farmers accepted into soil sampling scheme
The Minister for Agriculture has revealed the total number of applicants and successful applicants by county in the soil sampling scheme.
A day makes a big difference on soil samples
The Dealer learned of a technicality on soil sampling dates this week and it could cause some trouble on farms.
9 February 2022 News
Rate of sampling expected to increase under Department’s pilot programme
The Department of Agriculture reports that additional soil samplers have been recruited and trained by the service provider which should increase the rate of sampling over the coming weeks.
4 February 2022 Schemes
Department’s soil sampling scheme ‘a shambles’ – IFA
The IFA’s environment chair has said that the delays in sampling will leave many of those accepted into the scheme unable to participate.
31 January 2022 News
Farmer Writes: problem-sharing and problem-solving
Tommy Moyles thinks that discussions groups will become very useful this year especially given the rise of input prices.
26 January 2022 Farmer Writes
Soil testing crucial for farmers this spring
With the surge in fertiliser prices, can any farmer afford not to test soils this spring?
31 December 2021 Management
What do the soil test results look like on the Footprint Farms?
Soil testing is an essential job on all farms as it shows where improvements need to be made.
15 December 2021 Footprint Farmers
Fertilizer association issues advice to reduce impact of high fertiliser prices
The Fertilizer Association of Ireland is urging farmers to take some simple steps such as soil testing and applying lime where needed in order to save on fertiliser costs.
10 December 2021 News
It’s time to start planning your spring fertiliser applications
Faced with the price and availability of fertiliser nutrients for 2022, avoiding waste is absolutely essential.
8 December 2021 News
Next CAP: the eight measures to claim an eco-scheme payment
The qualifying measures for eco-schemes have been effectively doubled, with three new measures and significant extensions to most of the original five.
1 December 2021 Schemes