Energy demand and prices driving renewable diesel demand
Andy Doyle
Demand for renewable diesel or HVO seems set to increase considerably, thus increasing the demand for soya beans and oilseed rape.
16 March 2022 Markets
Oilseed markets remain strong
Black Sea tensions continue to be a key driver of oilseed commodity markets, but dry weather concerns are also lending support.
7 February 2022 Crops
China moves to grow genetically modified crops
China appears to be on its way to increased production of genetically modified and genetically engineered crops to help reduce its dependence on imports.
Land availability set to affect food production capability
We have had peak oil and numerous other peaks in recent decades, now peak land availability may be set to alter land use decisions in the coming years.
24 November 2021 Markets
Forces of change set to alter crop production decisions
Many things seem set to change in world markets in the coming years as we may be heading into a commodity super cycle.
17 November 2021 Markets
Shortage of soya and citrus pulp as drought hits crops
As animals are housed the major concentrate feeding season is kicking off and will continue from now into April.
3 November 2021 News
What has happened in global feed markets?
Tightness between supply and demand for grains and feeds has driven considerable price increases in recent months but now freight issues could add further pressures.
27 October 2021
Bord Bia alters carbon footprint tool to take account of soya imports
The carbon footprint calculations do not differentiate between native or imported wheat or barley, but are now taking account of soya.
27 October 2021 News
Sustainable protein essential going forward
As consumers become more aware of where their food comes from, there is a growing demand for more sustainable feed ingredients.
CAN prices rise by £12/t for May
Some merchants have implemented further price rises to CAN from the start of May
Last year was good – this year will be very different as costs rise
Maize and soya beans had a good year in the US in 2020 but the resultant increase in input costs do not bode well for this and coming years, writes Kevin Rosenbohm from Missouri.
14 April 2021 Crops
Feed prices rise up to €10/t for April
Cattle and sheep rations have increased by a further €10/t for April.
7 April 2021 Grass & feeding