Northern Ireland
Grain prices harden as market volatility continues
Kieran Mailey
There is little sign of any downturn in ration prices as spot markets for grain continue to be volatile.
11 May 2022 Crops
From the Tramlines: wet and windy May spurs hope for good harvest
This week, Stephen Robb talks to farmers from Meath, Carlow and Derry, where crops are developing well with the help of moisture and milder temperatures.
23 March 2022 Fodder
New beet varieties on the market for 2022
Beet is a high-yielding crop and many farmers grow the crop regularly. They will be looking at new varieties.
Feed prices holding steady for January
Prices for livestock rations are unchanged for January, despite an increase in spot market prices for soya.
5 January 2022 Northern Ireland