When baby blues turn to depression
Margaret Hawkins
Postnatal Depression affects about one in six mothers, varying from mild to very severe. Margaret Hawkins talks to Madge Fogarty, a mother who suffered from PND about the support group that helped her
24 January 2018 Maurice
Throes of a medieval plague
The flu has fallen on Kildicken. Such is the affliction in the area that one would almost need to mark the doors where the flu has struck, as they did in the Middle Ages, writes Maurice Hickey
27 December 2017 Maurice
Operation restoration and post-Christmas blues
The minute the festive season is over, we all turn to talk of cutting back, health binges, diets and marathons. This is putting Maurice Hickey in a bad mood already
Maurice Hickey: Late retirement
As Maurice Hickey begins to plan his glorious retirement from the Council, his dreams are thrown off course
13 December 2017 Maurice
'It took two gay men to straighten you'
An innocent invitation to dinner ended up with the Mother in a rather delicate situation
20 September 2017 Maurice
It’s more regulation we need, not less
As the local councillor, Maurice had to attend three funerals last week, which meant his studies got pushed aside yet again. So the Mother had to take up the pen
9 August 2017 Maurice
Released from mothering duties
With Maurice busy catching up on his college work, The Mother finds herself free to do what she likes for a change.
26 July 2017 Maurice
Breaking the silence in a family feud
With the rift with his mother continuing to fester, Maurice Hickey is in dire need of a common enemy.
4 November 2015 Maurice
The arrival of a troublesome priest
There’s uproar in the local parishes about a new arrival this week.
9 September 2015 Maurice
Maurice Hickey: Keeping up with the latest fashion
These days allergies are the must-have accessory for the season.
29 July 2015 Maurice
As true as you’re standing there
There’s a whole range of reality between the downright lie and the total truth, writes Maurice Hickey
20 May 2015 Maurice
Getting on the wrong side of the wrong mammy
Mammies don’t like hearing criticism of their children from TV sports pundits, writes Damien O’Reilly
13 May 2015