McConalogue meets US counterpart in Washington DC
Noel Bardon
Minister McConalogue raised the topics of beef access, sheepmeat and agricultural sustainability during his meeting in Washington.
15 March 2022 World
Global Report: stories from around the world
Updates from China and US on fertiliser, pig production in UK and soya from Argentina.
5 January 2022 News
Beef: US targets big processors
Biden administration targets the lack of competition in consolidated US meat processing industry with $1bn package to create competition.
Editorial: without clear policy, emissions from agriculture will increase
Government strategy appears to be one of creative ambiguity where the intention is to deliberately create confusion while claiming to bring clarity.
17 November 2021 Editorial
US meat exports soar as Vilsack sees no need to cut production
US remains on course for a record year of beef exports in both value and volume.
10 November 2021 News
EU and US oceans apart on agriculture
US secretary for agriculture Tom Vilsack travelled to Brussels recently, but it seems the EU and US have differing views when it comes to certain aspects of agriculture.
4 November 2021 News
Production won’t be sacrificed to cut emissions outside Europe
The UN food systems summit was the set piece political occasion, but work on achieving a global position to combine sustainability with the need for food is just beginning.
29 September 2021 News
Minister Heydon calls for ‘vigilance’ with trade deals
Ireland must continue to remain vigilant on the impact of trade details on sensitive agricultural sectors, Minister Martin Heydon has said.
20 July 2021 News
Global report: stories from around the world
Market snippets from around the world.
7 April 2021 World
Dempsey at Large: Vilsack has clear vision of what a food and agriculture policy should deliver
Views from the virtually held Forum for the Future of Agriculture Conference, Brussels.
7 April 2021 Opinion
New US president, similar policy on agriculture
The new US administration is likely to have a softer tone, but similar overall policies to the Trump presidency.
20 January 2021 Global trade
Tom Vilsack – a man with unfinished business
As Tom Vilsack returns to the White House as US secretary for agriculture, we look back on an exclusive interview with the Irish Farmers Journal in 2014.
20 January 2021 Global trade